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At P & S Paving, Inc., our mission has always been to create an environment that benefits our employees. We believe that success starts from within. We seek the highest professional standard through enforcing these core values:

Safety - We ensure our company provides a safe working environment for our employees and the public.

Satisfaction - Honesty and hard work are non-negotiable.

Pride - When the workplace is built upon integrity, all relationships lead to success. We take pride in our community and the quality of production in all operations.

Personal Development - Our employees are all given the necessary training and opportunity of advancement to encourage hard work and healthy living.

These values give P&S Paving, Inc. the competitive advantage to create a quality infrastructure for the communities that we operate in.

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P&S Paving - Daytona Beach, FL

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In the past 25 years, P&S Paving, Inc. has grown from a small business entity with only one used dozer, to a Corporation with the ability to service major highway construction, large earthwork projects, and any small driveway or parking lot. Our new hot mix facility is able to produce over 400 tons per hour in a cleaner and more efficient form. We are prepared for big jobs and heightened goals in our surrounding community.

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