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Additional Paving Services

asphalt salesASPHALT SALES: P&S Paving Inc. will make asphalt to the most demanding specifications. Our company has the ability to make one ton of asphalt or 3,000 tons per day depending on the requirements of the customer. Please contact Ray Adams for more information (386) 490-2156 HOT MIX ASPHALT: $70.00/TON Fill material, red sand, and aggregate rock may also be available upon request.

site preparationSite Preparation: P&S Paving, Inc. covers all aspects of site preparation. Demolition, clearing the area and moving earth are exercised at the highest level of safety and professionalism. Though paving is our major operation, our oldest job experience is in site preparation. Our very first project in 1993 was building a soccer field for a local university. We offer management of all work that may be necessary to get a site ready for construction. Some of the services offered include surveying, demolition, land clearing, mass earthwork, underground utility installations, site grading, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, pavement, fencing, and landscaping. We will work hand in hand with the customer to develop a scope of work that best fits their needs.

GraderExcavation & Grading: Our expertise also includes the capability of providing excavation and grading services to meet a variety of projects. With multiple base and grading crews, our excavation operations include large earth moving projects, subdivisions, interstate highway construction and “turn key” commercial site-work packages. We ensure proper site drainage and slope at every job. With over seven road base and grading crews our operations include everything from subdivisions to commercial site-work packages.

milling machineMilling & Resurfacing: The appearance of asphalt always diminishes over time. Without ongoing maintenance, cracks and holes may form. This undermines the substrate and the most effective repair is to remove and replace the defective area. Resurfacing is necessary when an asphalt surface has reached the end of its life cycle. It is the most long term and cost effective way to ensure the safety and quality of the asphalt surface. The procedure includes removing the old asphalt by leveling, milling, and adjusting of drainage structures. Every project is unique depending on the location, quality, and other site-specific factors. P&S Paving, Inc. complies with all state requirements to produce at a quality and efficiency acceptable to the Florida Department of Transportation. Milling & resurfacing jobs comprise a large percentage of the projects that we complete every year. This form of paving saves time and money, while restoring the pavement to a like-new condition.

services 002Underground Utilities: Our underground department currently services: Sanitary Sewer, Water and Reclaim Distribution, Fire Main Distribution, and Storm Drain Distribution.

Concrete Crushing: P&S Paving Inc. is accepting any clean concrete free of charge at 2336 Bellevue Extension Daytona Beach, FL 32114.